park sung eun
Paper: Planar Construction
Paper, foam board
Dimensions variable


1) To gain an understanding of the characteristics of planes and how they relate to each other in space.
2) To investigate relationships between material and form and analyze the influence of a particular material’s limitation on a form structure.
3) To figure out how to transform 2D (paper) into a 3D form.


1. Find a location and take pictures (panoramic images)
• Choose a) specific spot (scene) and build your own place
Ex. house, coffee shop, restaurant, store, etc.
b) a building and reconstruct it

2. Collage /brainstorming: consider a theme (concept)- show inspiration and intent
• Consider people, location, scenery, weather, etc.

3. Sketches/ develop your ideas: 3 different sketches

4. Paper model:
• Construct 3D paper model of self-supporting planes. Model should be interesting at all angles and make the viewer want to look closer. It should be dynamic and appear as if it is caught in a single moment.

• Work with a combination of straight, bent, curved, broken, and twisted planes. Develop relationships between planes across negative space.

5. Final Presentation:
• Determine the scale of your model- increase the scale (ex. ½, ¾, etc.)

• Attach your 3D form to a piece of white foam board- include scale figures and any other elements you feel would help to bring your structure to life and illustrate scale/ proportion.

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