WORK > necrophone

Mixed media
Dimensions variable

One who has died in the “time of nature” can no longer stay in the finite and absolute space of her body. After death, will you choose reincarnation, or will you remain a wandering soul? Based on “The Kingdom of Afterlife,” the final chapter of Thomas Alva Edison’s Diary and Sundry Observations, the idea of this piece started with the question, “Can the realm of life be accurately defined?” If it cannot, wouldn’t reincarnated and wandering souls end up together in the “time of experience” and “space of imagination,” which are endowed with a meaningful value to create another memory and expectation regardless of choice?

The physical space created in this piece is “home,” which most genuinely reflects the conscious activities of ones who have reached the end of their lives. The home is an “existence space” from an “external” point of view, but it is significantly subjective and psychological, and provides a time of experience. All souls who face life after death in this existential space will be able to newly secure their own infinite “absolute” space by recognizing and revealing their own existence through the waves of communication.