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A Vessel of Illusion
A Vessel of Illusion
Mixed media
Dimensions variable

Just like all living organisms, as human beings we are always standing on the border between life and death, between the familiar and the distant. I, as a stranger, attest to this. I have taken root in a strange land that is unknowing and unknown. However, I embrace even my childhood memories of my old home as another stranger. I belong nowhere; nevertheless, I prove my existence and expand my presence further. Like a school of fish during the spawning season, I embody my immortality as a living organism and fulfill my earthly desires by holding my breath as needed; I seek to fulfill even more.

There is always a shelter under the eaves during the rains. Similarly, with the two wheels that I have finally acquired in my 40s, I am creating my own ideal environment that affords me to reach self-realization and act upon the opportunities that life gives me. With appropriate power and speed control, these two wheels are expanding my space through balance and rotation. As long as my feet are always on the fertile red soil and my head stands beneath the elegant eaves under whose protection I can endure the inclement weather, I remain unsettled and yet feel safe.